IWS Desander

Production Enhancement & Solid Management Solutions

Multiphase Desander Cyclone Solids-Separation Technology

Applications: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Water Industry

Uncontrolled sand production presents a significant challenge for oil and gas operators, resulting in billions of dollars lost in production and high facility maintenance costs. To mitigate the risk of production losses, installing a continuous sand/solid separation system is essential. This system can be strategically placed near the source of sand production, such as at the wellhead or upstream of production separator vessels.

Removing these solids at or near the wellhead (upstream of the process facilities) offers several advantages:

  • Protects equipment from erosion damage
  • Prevents solids buildup in vessels and pipelines
  • Safeguards valve seats from sand damage
  • Reduces overall production risk
  • Minimizes the need for vessel entry

The IWS Desander Cyclone solids-separation package effectively removes sand from multi-phase well streams, accommodating all gas-liquid ratios from 100% liquid to 100% gas. Engineered for maximum operating efficiency and separation performance, IWS Desanders ensure a robust operating envelope.

Design Basis:

  • Solids Production Rate (size range and concentration)
  • Required Separation Quality (micron)
  • Temperature & Viscosity of fluids
  • Liquid, Solids & Gas Density
  • Flow Rates of the well stream
  • Allowable Pressure Drop

Typical Design (Rental Unit):

  • ANSI 900# (2000 psi)
  • Liquid Rate: 0 to 5,000 BLPD
  • Gas Rate: 0.5 to 3.0 MMSCFD
  • Sand Production – no limit
  • Max Allowable Pressure Drop – 2 bar
  • Solid Collection Capacity – 250 kg
Desander Application Process Flow Diagram

Key features:

  • Small footprint: Less than 2m (W) x 2m (L) x 5m (H)
  • Particle clearance: From 2000 μm down to 10 μm with 90% separation efficiency
  • Cleaving action: Minimizes hydrocarbon content in solids (Sand Washing)
  • Wax and emulsion compatibility
  • Design standards: ASME VIII Div I, ANSI, and NACE
  • No moving parts: Requires minimal maintenance
  • Minimal pressure loss: ≤ 2 bar
  • Ability to handle slugs, upsets, and high solid loading
  • Skid mounted and modular: Facilitates flexibility in transportation, lifting, installation, and maintenance
  • High-grade liners: Ensures low maintenance requirements
  • Proven effectiveness: Over 40 units installed in the region
  • Continuous monitoring instrumentation
  • Available as short-term or long-term rental or customized engineered solution

IWS Desander Applications:

  • Production enhancement
  • Frac Sand/Proppant removal
  • Well clean-up operations
  • Well start-up operations
  • Under-balanced drilling
  • Sand washing and treatment
Performance Monitoring Results

The program will be comprises of:-

  1. Engineering & Technical Consultancy
  2. Design, Manufacturing, Fabrication & Supply Of Equipment
  3. Installation, Hook-Up, Testing & Commissioning
  4. Periodic Maintenance Services