Other Product & Services

A. IWS Liquid-Solid Surface Desander
Maintenance-free desander with high sand separation efficiency and small footprint. Applicable for wellhead and wellstream desanding, pre-filtration of seawater/produced water, and primary filtration for water flood injection, disposal wells, and SAGD.

B. Gas-Solid Surface Desander
IWS Gas Desanders are capable of removing solids from multiphase well production with minimal pressure drop across the desander. No filter and moving parts are involved, thus eliminating maintenance requirements.

C. Solid Recovery Collection Vessel
IWS produces multiple types of solid recovery collection vessels that can be designed to client requirements and processes. The types vary from empty containment vessels (vertical and horizontal) and can be integrated with filter bags and quick opening closures for clean and easy removal.

D. Self-Cleaning Water Filter
Reliable self-cleaning screen filters and fine filters make produced water, seawater, or surface water filtration more effective and reduce fluid loss. The filter is applicable to many industries, including oil and gas and irrigation.

E. Deoiling Hydrocyclone
State-of-the-art liners used in our liquid-liquid hydrocyclones optimize the critical balance between oil removal efficiency and capacity. This ensures that optimal separation is achieved in the most cost-effective and space-efficient manner.

F. DFDM Oil in Water Filter
DFDM is a new type of fiber developed to absorb oil content from passing water. DFDM absorbents have been proven to reduce the oil PPM level in water down to 10 ppm and also reduce BOD and COD for cleaner and environmentally friendly effluent.

G. Mechanical & Instrumentation Items

  • Valves
  • Fabricated and Casting type Strainers
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Heater & Water Bath Heater
  • Agitators / Mixer
  • Spring Hanger / Spring Support
  • Metallic / Non-Metallic Expansion Joint
  • Flexible Hose
  • Coupling
  • Water Injection System